A Weekend Recap

Our team is on the move again after some time at Allahabad. We met with a local NGO to learn more about the Ganges and water scarcity in India. After working on the river in the morning, we had the opportunity to visit another school. Due to the holiday, only monastery schools were in session.

Jiaojiao speaking at the boys school we visited

JiaoJiao speaking at the school we visited

Lunch was served by the boys. The coolest part was that the plates were made from leaves and clay, completely biodegradable!

Eating lunch on plates made from leaves and clay

Lunch is served! Lunch is served!

We visited two villages along the Ganges – it was such a humbling experience. The Ganges is their livelihood and their heart. It gives us encouragement to think about how we can contribute to a global freshwater and humanitarian issue. We felt blessed as we left the villages.

The people of the villages we visited

The people of the villages we visited

Locals and their source of fresh water

Locals and their source of fresh water

This past weekend as we were on the river we saw it changing from what we’d been used to. There are higher banks, different soil layers, and trees. We saw lots of herds of sheep too. We passed a treatment plant which was good to see. We are camped on the shores next to a nice village. As we’ve been traveling, our equipment has taken a beating. Several zippers are being mended again and again. Fingers crossed they’ll hold since there are lots of bugs and snakes where we’re at!
Camping along the Ganges Camping along the Ganges[/caption]

Our next destination is Varanasi. Keep checking back for more updates as we continue our journey!