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Adventures in Bihar

We continue our journey in Bihar, experiencing some foggy and misty weather. We are seeing a lot of river dolphins, which are very common in the river Ganga. These dolphins are extremely unique, as they are the only aquatic mammals that have developed strong enough sonar senses that they can find and capture food by […]

Education Challenge: Varanasi

Education Challenge: Varanasi This week’s education challenge will focus on topics in the city of Varanasi. Click here for a full PDF of all the challenges and stay tuned every Monday for each week’s education challenge! Subject: Access to clean water, cleansing the water, decomposition processes Challenge: What are the threats to the drinking water in Varansi? […]

Awaiting the Kanpur River Show!

Kanpur River Show The team is very excited for the TERI-BAE River Show in Kanpur, the second of our Access Water Expedition! The Ganges holds a high level of economic and cultural value to Kanpur’s residents. It reminds us of water’s importance and our mission to make clean water universal. To learn more about how […]