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Feature Friday: Water.org

Water.org: “It’s about more than water” For 25 years, Water.org has challenged the traditional approach to assisting people in developing countries and paved the way for developing solutions for the water crisis. Their vision is “the day when everyone in the world can take a safe drink of water.” Fast facts: Globally, women and children […]

Our Weekend Raft Trip

This past weekend we had the chance to do some rafting down the Ganga river. Here is a recap of our journey in photos! The River Ganga Jiaojiao (Cindy) posing for a pic on the river Taking a lunch break The team rafting Our team in the Northern part of the Ganges where the River […]

Education Challenge: Rishikesh

This week’s education challenge will focus on the city of Rishikesh. Challenge: Beagle: Explore local trees and be part of European scientific research project discovering our impacts on the planet. Extreme weather: The students are challenged to talk about measures that have been made in their own local community to prevent natural disasters. Have the students […]

City Highlight: Gomukh

Today we are traveling towards Gomukh! Gomukh is known as the terminus or snout of the Gangotri Glacier, and is a primary source of the River Ganges. This is where the river is in its purest form compliant with international standards.  Sitting at an elevation of 13,200 feet, it is located in the Uttarkashi district in […]

Article in the Economic Times

One of our partners, TERI – The Energy and Resources Institute, shared this on their Facebook page today. Thanks for sharing! We are happy to have you as a partner on this journey. “Starting today 8 women explorers will hike along the Ganges from Gangotri on an over 2400 kms 55-day expedition to initiate conversation and […]

A Refreshing Dip in the Ganges

We were thrilled to have arrived at the Ganges at Rishikesh near Bulls Landing. We enjoyed taking a refreshing dip in its crystal waters, and will be rafting this portion of the river. Today we are in Uttarkashi and traveling towards Gangotri. Keep checking back for more updates on our journey down the Ganges!    

Feature Friday: Billions in Change

Billions in Change is creating innovative solutions to the world’s most basic problems- including the scarcity of fresh water. Rain Maker is their answer to the question, “But what if we could make more water?” Learn more about Billions in Change here.

Bancroft Arnesen Explore Launches First Access Water Expedition on Ganges River

MINNEAPOLIS – October 15, 2015 – Known around the world for their work in education and exploration, Bancroft Arnesen Explore (BAE is launching a seven-continent, multi-year expedition series this weekend in India. The first 55-day expedition will take place along the Ganges River in India where the eight women from six continents will trek over […]

Expeditioner Highlight: Kim Smith

Bio: At only 30 years old, Kim Smith is embarking on the Access Water Expedition with a variety of experiences under her belt. Her resume includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences, a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Industrial Psychology and she is currently pursuing her masters in Developmental Studies. Kim was born […]

The Story of Water in India

Water is a pressing topic in India which is one reason we’ve chosen to start our journey on the Ganges. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the story of water in India and what the Columbia Water Center is doing to address this topic. The Columbia Water Center is committed to understanding […]

Expeditioner Highlight: Olfat Haider

Bio: Born and raised in Haifa, Israel, Olfat Haider spent many years managing the tensions involved in her Arab identity. She faced discrimination from both the Jewish and Arab populations growing up, and played on the Israeli National Women’s team as its only Arab member. These experiences inspired Olfat to promote peaceful co-existence between Jewish […]

Learn More About India

Curious to learn a bit more about India? Here are a few fun facts about one of the world’s largest countries. India was derived from the River Indus In ancient times, “India” initially referred to those regions immediately along the east banks of the River Indus. By 300 BC, Greek writers began applying the term […]

What You Can Do to Conserve Water

Rivers are commonly associated with recreational activities such as kayaking or swimming, sacred rituals such as baptisms or generating energy and electricity. But did you know that there is much more to rivers than the things you physically do in or around them? National Geographic outlines the importance of rivers and calls them “the veins of […]

Ganges Background

The Ganges river, also referred to as the Ganga, is known as the sacred river of India. Starting in the Himalayan mountain range, the Ganges stretches 2,700 km through northern India and Bangladesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. Source: Britannica Kids The Ganges is described is sacred texts as the ‘best of rivers, born […]