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Hear Ann Bancroft on A Beautiful World

As Ann Bancroft travels to the White House to speak to the first-ever White House Arctic Science Ministerial about Arctic health and climate change, listen to her share her experiences on A Beautiful World… “There at the top of the world, where all longitudes meet, I expected to feel isolated, but instead I felt connected […]

Ann Bancroft to keynote White House Arctic Science Ministerial

Polar explorer and educator, Ann Bancroft chosen as keynote speaker at the White House Arctic Science Ministerial in Washington D.C. next week.   “Having witnessed first hand the changes since my first dogsled expedition in 1986 to the present, I am very honored to be invited to keynote the first ever White House Arctic Science Ministerial […]

We Need Your Help

As you know from following our journey, we are in the middle of our expedition on the Ganges. We have already seen a lot and have a ways to go to do what we have set out to do. But we still need your help funding this trip. We need to be here. Leading this […]

Arrival in Dehli and Press Conference

The team arrived and gathered in Dehli on Friday! We are so pleased to be together after so many challenges. We met at the Norwegian Embassy for our press conference. Featured above is our team with our sponsor Google India and our support team Mercury Himalayan Explorations. Tomorrow our expedition begins! Follow our journey here […]

Five days until kickoff!

In just five days, our team will be in India ready to kick off our Access Water expedition! We have been planning for a long time and are eager to get started. Meet our team and learn more about why we are headed to the Ganges. http://www.beyondtheriver.tv/

Lisa’s year

As the year goes on you wonder where the time went and what did you do with it? My last 2 years has gone like a flash.  The best way to recap is when I close my eyes and I take snapshots of different scenes which strike me and have significance.  My snap shot looks […]

Thor Heyerdahl – An Inspirator and Environmentalist

In 2014 is it 100 years since one of Ann and Liv´s great inspirators – Thor Heyerdahl was born. Heyerdahl is most know for his Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947. For Ann and Liv is it his following expeditions Ra I, Ra II and Tigris that has inspired them to combine expeditions with education. With the […]

On meeting Nelson Mandela, by Kim Smith

I met Nelson Mandela in 2008. I was awarded the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship and part of the scholarship entailed meeting our patron. What an honour it was to meet this superhuman! It was one of my childhood dreams to meet Nelson Mandela and there I sat in the same room as him, waiting for my […]

Welcome to new team member Cindy

We want to formally welcome our newest team member who is stepping into Jing’s spot, Jiaojiao Hu. Jiaojiao was born in a minority family in Yunnan province in Southwest of China. She studied German and French from 2011 to 2013, and achieved two master degrees in development economics in developing countries and emerging market and […]

The Water Challenge Badge

The “Water Challenge Badge” booklet are made to help teachers, scout leaders or students searching for help to educate children, young people or themselves about the crucial role water plays for life on our planet.

National Geographic: Dancing the Spirit Back

“After a decade-long drought, Aboriginal elders travel the length of Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin performing the Ringbalin—a pilgrimage designed to ‘dance’ the spirit back into the land and heal the rivers. And it appears to work”. National Geographic

Congratulations Jing!

On May 11, our famous Chinese mountain explorer Jing ascended the world’s fifth highest peak, Makalu– at 8481 m / 27,825 ft elevation. In the past five years, Jing has successfully reached six of the world’s top level summits. Click the picture below for a gallery from Jing’s trip You can also follow Jing on Sina Microblogging […]