Liv & Ann in KanpurKanpur River Show

The team is very excited for the TERI-BAE River Show in Kanpur, the second of our Access Water Expedition! The Ganges holds a high level of economic and cultural value to Kanpur’s residents. It reminds us of water’s importance and our mission to make clean water universal.

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Lisa shared thoughts on our first River Show in Rishikesh on her blog:

“From the tranquility of quiet and river seclusion back to the city of Rishikesh, how things change so quickly.  The hustle and bustle of Rishikesh, is tempered by the fact that we have our first River Show. An event organized by TERI as our educational outreach team in India.  It was beautiful, and so much more than we ever expected.  A beautiful marque in blue and white, enough chairs for 300 people, small stalls for special needs children selling their gifts, a stage and a banner with our sponsors, and us as the main event.  The children are visions from heaven.  Dressed in their best clothes and you can see they are proud to be at the event and excited to participate.  Dancing, singing, painting, storytelling all dedicated to their special Ganga.  You can’t help but be moved, and be witnessing kids express their want to see a clean and protected Ganga.  You know you are on the right track when you are talking about the same things they are.”