Access Water Expedition Continues

We’re busy planning leg two of the Access Water Expedition series, with plans to take it down the Mississippi River. Our goal with this expedition series is to lead a conversation with millions of youth that will raise awareness and inspire the future leaders of the world to work towards a safe and abundant world, starting with access to clean water.

Why water? Humans need fresh water to survive. We took our first Access Water Expedition trip down the Ganges River in India because 400 million residents rely on the Ganges for water, food, bathing and worship. It is one of the most important and sacred rivers in the world.

We take the next leg of the expedition to the United States because after the Ganges we realized that other countries believe western countries and certainly the United States have no water problems. Yet we found many similarities in the challenges faced by the Ganges with the Mississippi river. Hosting this expedition in the United States gives us an opportunity to reinvigorate our commitments to the efforts we need to continue and to recognize there is more work yet to be done.

We’re seeking partners to help us make Access Water Mississippi possible.

We’re not done with Access Water Ganges yet. Shari Brochhausen and Cutback Films are making a documentary. Watch the trailer here. Watch our website and follow our Facebook page for updates.

Day 50 of Access Water Ganges

Today is Day 50. This day is our last in the boats, so we celebrated with our support crew last night. Marcia and Krushnaa danced while Liv used her torch to light up the stage. There was music and all joined in, mixing cultures. It was like an amphitheater. We performed a skit, passed out […]

Reaching Our Last Camp

Sultanganj and Student Artwork

Day 42: On this day we were in Sultanganj. Here is a photo of us outside a mosque. As with most mosques, they do not let women inside, so we had to snap a photo outside!                           Also, check out this amazing artwork. […]

Ann’s KARE Interview, Patna River Show, and Thoughts on Protecting the Ganges

We Need Your Help

As you know from following our journey, we are in the middle of our expedition on the Ganges. We have already seen a lot and have a ways to go to do what we have set out to do. But we still need your help funding this trip. We need to be here. Leading this […]

Adventures in Bihar

We continue our journey in Bihar, experiencing some foggy and misty weather. We are seeing a lot of river dolphins, which are very common in the river Ganga. These dolphins are extremely unique, as they are the only aquatic mammals that have developed strong enough sonar senses that they can find and capture food by […]

Wildlife Along The Ganges

Education Challenge: Varanasi

Education Challenge: Varanasi This week’s education challenge will focus on topics in the city of Varanasi. Click here for a full PDF of all the challenges and stay tuned every Monday for each week’s education challenge! Subject: Access to clean water, cleansing the water, decomposition processes Challenge: What are the threats to the drinking water in Varansi? […]

A Weekend Recap

Back on the River

Kanpur Weekend Recap

Awaiting the Kanpur River Show!

Kanpur River Show The team is very excited for the TERI-BAE River Show in Kanpur, the second of our Access Water Expedition! The Ganges holds a high level of economic and cultural value to Kanpur’s residents. It reminds us of water’s importance and our mission to make clean water universal. To learn more about how […]