Clothes on the ice

Outfitted for Success!

The demands of physical exertion, below freezing temperatures and extreme wind gusts are enough to stretch the limits of any high-tech fabrics. And while Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen were not attempting to make a fashion statement while on the ice, they needed to be outfitted for success.

Head to Toe Coverage

While skiing across Antarctica, Ann and Liv wore layers of clothes covering every inch of their bodies. On their lower halves, Ann and Liv wore duffle socks (matted wool inserts that fit in boots to warm their feet), oversized ski boots, a few layers of long johns, wind pants and “gaiters,” a protective cloth over their legs to act as a barrier against the snow and to add warmth.

Ann and Liv’s upper bodies were covered by wind jackets, down vests, pile shirts, wool hats with ear flaps, an ear band, ski ear covers, heavy gloves and glacier goggles.

Additionally, Ann and Liv were very careful of the sun’s harmful rays in Antarctica because the hole in the ozone is above Antarctica. They wore 45 level sunblock 24 hours a day. Also the glacier goggles contain extra dark lenses to protect their eyes from the sun.

Boots with crampons Windsailing Gear

While windsailing, Ann and Liv wore mittens instead of gloves, an extra down vest, another layer of wind clothes, and an extra jacket to protect themselves from intense winds.

Ann and Liv sailing in Norway on a training trip.

Time Out

Ann and Liv needed to stop regularly for breaks to refuel their bodies with high-calorie, energy-packed foods. During these time outs, they sometimes wore a down parka on top of their regular skiing gear.

Tent Couture

Once they settled in their tent after a long day of skiing, Ann and Liv removed their wind gear and put on the following: fleece jacket, fleece pants, light gloves, one hat (instead of several), down booties and a balaclava (a piece of clothing worn while sleeping that covers the whole head and neck with an opening). While working inside the tent and preparing dinner, Ann and Liv sat in their sleeping bags for added warmth.