Today is Day 50.

This day is our last in the boats, so we celebrated with our support crew last night. Marcia and Krushnaa danced while Liv used her torch to light up the stage. There was music and all joined in, mixing cultures. It was like an amphitheater.

We performed a skit, passed out gifts and made toasts. It was a wonderful time.

Where we are, the tide is low; there is a change in the shore level. There are less channels in this part of the river. The air is thick and it is very humid.

There are brick factories all over out here. Women, men and children work to make thousands of bricks a day, all by hand using a wooden mold.

Our last student event is coming up and that will truly signal an ending to this journey.

Some exciting news, as well. We were featured in the Outdoor Journal yesterday.