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Liv and Students

The goal of these expeditions is to inspire and ignite conversation.

These resources can help teachers, students, and other educators join with us in our journey of learning.

Resources, Activities and Educational Materials

Teachers Guide

teachers guide

Weekly Education Challenge

In partnership with the Norwegian Center for Science Education, every week we will have an education challenge related to the location of the team as they travel down the Ganges River.

Check out this week’s challenge on Patna

Download the entire PDF of every week’s challenge.

TERI River Shows

ac teri

We are partnering with TERI Water Resources Management on our journey down the Ganges River. On select dates along our journey, we’ll visit first hand with kids and report these visits as we go.

Check out the links below to learn more about each of our stops and how the Ganges River plays a role at each of these cities.

Rishikesh – October 27

Kanpur – November 6

Allahabad – November 13

Varanasi – November 17

Patna  – November 23

Kolkata – December 4

WAGGGS Water Badge

The Water Challenge Badge is available in 8 languages here.


For more information:

Download our Education FAQ’s

There are opportunities for personal appearances and video connections along the river.

To set up an educational appearence or presentation, contact Anne Atwood at:
+01 612.600.1076

Previous Expedition Materials


The Bancroft Arnesen Expedition curriculum is based on Liv and Ann’s historic crossing of Antarctica. It is customized for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade (ages 5 to 12 years old) and is available in English. The curriculum incorporates life skills and focuses on subjects that include science, language arts, art, health, social studies, geography, math, history, and physical education.

Antarctica – Full curriculum [ZIP FILE]

Peaceful Conflict Resolution

From playground fights to civil wars, conflict is endemic in the world. This curriculum, “Exploring Cultural Conflicts: Journeys Towards Peace,” is intended to help teachers work with students to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions needed to resolve conflicts peacefully. The curriculum is available in Norwegian, Russian and English.

Exploring Cultural Conflicts : Norwegian [PDF]

Exploring Cultural Conflicts : Russian [PDF]

Exploring Cultural Conflicts : English [PDF]

Our Journeys Towards Peace Professors Mike Hillis and Rob Byrnes

Dare to Dream

Inspired by Ann and Liv’s commitment to encourage others to pursue their dreams, Dare to Dream is an activity-filled curriculum to help kindergarten through sixth-grade students develop one of the life’s most important skills — the ability to set and achieve goals. The curriculum is currently only available in English.

Curricula_Dare to Dream [PDF]

Other Related Expeditions:

Augsburg River Semester

Augsburg College, located in Minneapolis, MN, has created a new program called River Semester, which allows students to spend a semester paddling down the Mississippi while conducting field research on various topics such as water pollution or urban riverfront revitalization. The program begins in Minneapolis and follows the course of the Mississippi River, culminating in New Orleans. As part of the program, students are able to attend town hall meetings and meet with environmental organizations along the river.


Instagram: The River Semester or River Semester

Our Process

  • Identify the issue at stake
  • Explore and find out more about the issue
  • Work out solutions to meet the challenges of the issue
  • Organize an action to reach out to the local community or to other schools to promote the chosen agenda for action to produce positive, measurable results

Some of our education partners:

ac teri  ac unesco  ac google india  National Center for Science Education (Naturfagsenteret)   ac girl guides