Expedition Leaders

Liv (pronounced ´leave´) Arnesen´s rich life experiences, both on and off the ice, have made her an internationally recognized leader and role model for women and girls. A self-proclaimed´keen´ but not fanatical outdoors enthusiast, Arnesen is most interested in the development of adults and children. Through her diverse roles as a polar explorer, educator and motivational leader, Arnesen ignites passion in others to reach beyond their normal boundaries and achieve their dreams by sharing her own stories about exploring some of the most remote places on earth. Full Bio

Ann Bancroft is one of the world´s preeminent polar explorers and an internationally recognized leader who is dedicated to inspiring women,girls and audiences around the world to unleash the power of their dreams. Through her various roles as an explorer, educator and sought-after speaker, Bancroft believes that by sharing stories related to her dreams of outdoor adventure, she can help inspire a global audience to pursue their individual dreams. Full Bio

Expedition Team

Kim Smith resides in Cape Town, South Africa and is pursuing a Masters degree in Developmental Studies. With her university, Kim has had the opportunity to travel extensively and has begun a global dialogue that has further solidified her dedication to community development. “The ideas and views of friends from all over the world further ignited my passion for wanting to be an instrument of change.” Kim works with various non-profitable projects in townships such as Khayelitsha and Bonteheuwel in Cape Town addressing the changes her country faces as a means to promote collaboration and cooperation with one another in an effort to achieve great things. “I am an ordinary person from a small community in Cape Town, but my ability to dream and to dream big has never failed me.”

Krushnaa Patil was born in Mumbai, India. She is the youngest Indian woman to climb Mt. Everest and reaching the highest summits on every continent 2009-2011. Krushnaa has a BA in Political Science and is currently pursuing a masters in the same field. She has received several awards and in 2010 CNN IBN gave her the Young Indian Leader Award.

Olfat Haider is Program Manager at Beit Gaefen – an Arab-Jewish Center in Haifa. One of her projects involves leading an annual student expedition to the Alps. Olfat was born and raised in Haifa, Israel, where she lives today. As an outstanding young volleyball player, she joined the Israeli National Women’s Team, as its only Arab member.  She has been involved in several projects promoting peaceful co-existence between Jewish and Arab youth in Israel. She has also led and facilitated numerous multicultural and multi-ethnic groups of various ages in wide-ranging projects and initiatives.

Lisa Kanawa is a Senior Advisor on Maori Strategy with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in New Zealand. Dedicated to sustainable development, Lisa is in a unique position to engagee indigineous people in national issues pertaining to natural resources and climate change to raise their development and economic potential. Lisa enjoys the diversity of the communities she works with and also the diversity of the aspirations.

Marcia Gutierrez was born in 1977. She lives in Temuco, Chile. She studied Environmental Management and currently works as a coordinator between the Chilean Red Cross and the Chilean government on issues related to natural catastrophes. She has completed several regional and international climbing expeditions and is an experienced mountaineer and skieer. Marcia is also a part of the Red Cross Rescue Team and was involved with the rescue and evacuation after the large earthquake affecting central Chile in February 2010. Full Bio

CindyJiaojiao Hu (Cindy) is born October 6, 1988 in Yunnan, China. She is a postgraduate student in China University of Geosciences in Beijing China and just achieved two master degrees in France and Germany in past two years. She involved to set up a mountaineering team in the universtiy and was the vice president. “Everytime when we climbed the snow mountains, my team members and I always recycled rubbish and keep the environmental friendly montaineering as our goal.” She also was the founder of an education aid team to provide “dream education” in past 4 years for the primary students in Yunnan Province, the one of poorest area in China. Full Bio