Town along the ganges river bank

Ganges Background

The Ganges river, also referred to as the Ganga, is known as the sacred river of India. Starting in the Himalayan mountain range, the Ganges stretches 2,700 km through northern India and Bangladesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal.

Ganges River

Ganges River

Source: Britannica Kids

The Ganges is described is sacred texts as the ‘best of rivers, born of all the sacred waters’. It is an important part of Hindu pilgrimage and is a common site to spread ashes of the cremated or perform ritual bathing.

In addition, the Ganges has been providing hydration for centuries. Its fertile soil is beneficial for agriculture, and its water serves as a source of irrigation to the surrounding area. Rice, sesame, sugarcane and millets are some among the varieties of crops that can be grown along the river. Today, the Ganges is a source of life for the nearly 400 million people living near its basin. It is a valuable source of water for drinking, food, irrigation, and manufacturing.


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