How they met

A tale of two worlds, two women, one dream …

Despite living worlds apart, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen have shared the same dream — to ski across Antarctica – since they were young girls. At age 12, they both read about legendary Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton and vowed to follow in his footsteps.

As they grew older, Ann and Liv’s lives grew remarkably similar. They both became teachers — Ann, an elementary school teacher in Minnesota, Liv a high school teacher in Olso. They each led world-famous expeditions to the South Pole — Ann in 1993, Liv in 1994.

Their paths crossed for the first time in 1998. While Ann & Liv knew of one another (the polar explorer community is very small), they had not met. Ann was looking for a partner to accompany her across Antarctica and she was an admirer of Liv’s. So she made contact with Liv to find out if Liv was interested. They talked about their dream, their hero, their South Pole adventures and their passion for teaching. Ann & Liv had so much in common, they joked that they were “soul sisters.”

What came of the conversation was The Bancroft Arnesen Expedition!

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