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ArcticScience Ann Bancroft

Ann Bancroft to keynote White House Arctic Science Ministerial

Polar explorer and educator, Ann Bancroft chosen as keynote speaker at the White House Arctic Science Ministerial in Washington D.C. next week.   “Having witnessed first hand the changes since my first dogsled expedition in 1986 to the present, I am very honored to be invited to keynote the first ever White House Arctic Science Ministerial […]


Education Challenge: Varanasi

Education Challenge: Varanasi This week’s education challenge will focus on topics in the city of Varanasi. Click here for a full PDF of all the challenges and stay tuned every Monday for each week’s education challenge! Subject: Access to clean water, cleansing the water, decomposition processes Challenge: What are the threats to the drinking water in Varansi? […]


Education Challenge: Rishikesh

This week’s education challenge will focus on the city of Rishikesh. Challenge: Beagle: Explore local trees and be part of European scientific research project discovering our impacts on the planet. Extreme weather: The students are challenged to talk about measures that have been made in their own local community to prevent natural disasters. Have the students […]

Women in India

Learn More About India

Curious to learn a bit more about India? Here are a few fun facts about one of the world’s largest countries. India was derived from the River Indus In ancient times, “India” initially referred to those regions immediately along the east banks of the River Indus. By 300 BC, Greek writers began applying the term […]

Town along the ganges river bank

Ganges Background

The Ganges river, also referred to as the Ganga, is known as the sacred river of India. Starting in the Himalayan mountain range, the Ganges stretches 2,700 km through northern India and Bangladesh before reaching the Bay of Bengal. Source: Britannica Kids The Ganges is described is sacred texts as the ‘best of rivers, born […]