Kim joins the Expedition this week!

This week our teammate Kim Smith will catch up to us! We’re elated to have her join us at this point in the journey.

Kim is a social entrepreneur whose personal mission is to empower women by promoting women’s menstrual health. Her work currently focuses on debunking myths and taboos associated with menstruation in her home of Cape Town, South Africa. She promotes hygienic, safe, eco-friendly, and cost-effective menstrual cups through MyOwnCup while pursuing her Masters in Developmental Studies.

Dedicated to community service and confronting social issues, Kim brings great perspective to our team. Welcome aboard the Ganges, Kim!

Last Look at Kanpur

Lisa caught the juxtaposition between Kanpur’s Old Town and a newly constructed mall. Take a look at the difference! There are 3.5 million people in Kanpur but according to our companions this is a small town by Indian standards.

old Kanpur & new mall

Back on the Water

After a weekend packed with student events, we returned to the River Ganges yesterday. We once again had to push our boats for part of the journey. Not ann in marketideal but we welcome the challenge!

As we travel further south, we encounter communities more and more frequently. Farms line the edge of the river and fishing boats are everywhere now. Yesterday, Ann discovered a marketplace during a stop and took pictures with local children.

Lisa and Krushnaa are particularly taken by the river dolphins! Lisa wrote on her blog:

The dolphins break the surface like a knife through butter.  Smooth, effortlessly and it’s so unexpected every time.  There is no way that I thought we would see dolphins.  Even though we knew there were dolphins in the river, a chance to see them in their natural habitat is unreal.  They are small, dark grey from a distance, and they shine as their backs break surface.  If I could capture a picture I would, but they are so fast and, it makes me think maybe we aren’t supposed to, well not yet.

While the dolphins are quiet, jackal howls keep us awake at night! On our 27th day, life along the river is becoming more intense. The real expedition is beginning!