Liv in her own words

Since I was a kid and went with my parents and brother on winter and Easter holidays in the Norwegian mountains; I have loved the open white landscape, the changing weather and light. My longing for Antarctica started for real when I started to read books about the old explorers like Amundsen, Shackleton and Mawson. There was something much, much more alluring than the Norwegian mountains down under.

My motivation for going back is mixed. I still have this longing for the great wide open spaces, but after my last expedition I also learned from numbers of lectures in schools what a privilege it was to have a story to tell about a fulfillment of a dream. Our upcoming expedition with the infrastructure around it can give this message to thousands of kids and adults that believing in your dream will make your life into an adventure. And it’s not about Antarctica, but being faithful to yourself.

I still read books about the old dead explorers, but today I’m more inspired by ordinary people that take control over their own life even if they have had a lot of odds against it.

Universally I believe we all have something to learn from Dalai Lama that says: “Kindness is my religion.”

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