Quotes and testimonials

What Liv and Ann are saying:

“When some people hit a wall, they go into a depression. I change the focus; I think I can do it another way. If you don’t try, you can never go forward.”

Liv Arnesen, Oprah Magazine, September 2001 on what keeps powerhouses going…

“A life lesson for me is, how do you muster the courage to take on a new risk?”… “Whether it’s starting up a business or taking on a new project or expedition.”

Ann Bancroft, Los Angeles Times, Sunday, May 6, 2001

What people are saying about Liv and Ann:

Liv Arnesen held an excellent and outstanding speech at the Confex conference “Alle Tiders Kvinner” November 30 2001 in Oslo, Norway. 1300 delegates gave Liv the best evaluation and the highest score out of 8 top speakers. “I highly recommend Liv as a professional speaker, giving the listener motivation and inspiration to seek and achieve new goals.” – Cato Andresen, Founding Partner, Confex Kompetanse AS, Norway

“I want to thank you for your tremendous presentation”…”Your inspirational and motivating messages in the context of your polar expeditions clearly set the tone for our entire annual meeting. Throughout the week I was repeatedly thanked for inviting you to our meeting as so many people found your message encouraging and indeed very relevant to our profession… Your message of setting goals, recognizing and celebrating successes, and taking risk relative to the risk taker clearly resonated with my colleagues.” – S. Gunderson, President, AOPO

“I have never before experienced a speaker (Ann) that could address such a large audience but leave you feeling like she had just spent an hour in your living room sharing.” –Mark A. Brockmeyer, Past President, Iowa Academy of Science

“Your presentation was simply the perfect way to wrap up our general session… I was delighted to hear consistently, very positive comments about your remarks throughout the rest of the Conference.” – J. Mueller, Director, Northwest Airlines

“Ann Bancroft is a modern day pioneer who has been shattering stereotypes about females for decades.” – Mary Jo Kane, Director, Tucker Center for Research on Girls & Women in Sport

In the Wall Street Journal Michael Eisner was quoted as saying in an e-mail to employees: “Like the two skiers who are crossing Antarctica, we have to keep adjusting our strategies as conditions keep changing so that we can reach our ultimate goal of success and profitability…”

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