Recap – Our experiences in Rishikesh

We had a wonderful time in Rishikesh where we were able to have our first river show. Seeing kids express their want to see a clean and protected Ganga is something that is truly moving.

The evening in Rishikesh is spent at an Ashram during an Ariaat ceremony on the banks of the Ganga. Colorful is the best way to describe it. Young Hindu monks were adorned with yellow and orange fabrics, while orange flowers and candles brighten the banks of the river as the fire pit is blessed by Hindu priests. This is all supplemented with the backdrop of the dusk evening sky.

The sounds of tambourines, accordions, drums and bells, coupled with bellowing voices of young men fill the air with a spiritual sounds. Tourists are also part of this ritual, and are being ushered in like royalty, their Western faces standing out in the crowd. It was an amazing experience, and unlike anything any of us have ever experienced before.

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