[two]Our journeys happen due to support from our Corporate Partners and in-kind partners who help us extend our reach to kids and make a greater impact. Volvo, Pfizer, Motorola, Apple, Target and other companies have supported our journeys weaving inspirational programs and involvement into their initiatives. Volvo Women’s Health motivated women to take charge of their health with inspiring advertising, programs and communication featuring Ann and Liv’s Antarctic journey. Motorola MCDA division of engineers followed Ann and Liv with a connection to meeting deadlines and production initiatives. Target, Oh Boy! Oberto, Devold were proud to have Ann and Liv rely on their products during their journeys.[/two] [two_last][contact email=”andreas@yourexpedition.com” /] [/two_last]


Project Presentation

The following presentation can also be found on slideshare.net/yourexpedition