Technology on the ice

Ann and Liv used a variety of technologies to assist them in their effort to cross Antarctica.

The technology that the two explorers used falls under three general categories.

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* Communication

* Navigation

* Computing


Ann and Liv used two different communications devices while on the ice.

The Explorers used a global satellite communicator to send text messages in the form of email to their support crew at yourexpedition in Minneapolis, MN.

The second type of communication devices employed by Liv and Ann were small handheld radios called Talkabouts which allowed them to communicate with each other as they skied and sailed across Antarctica. These two-way radios were particularily important to the explorers during the times when they were sailing, when they may get as far as one mile apart. The radios helped them keep tabs on each other


Liv and Ann charted their daily course and progress using handheld GPS receivers. Using a constellation of 24 satellites, the GPS system provided them with accurate position information as they traveled.

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Ann and Liv used a laptop computer for a variety of purposes, ranging from daily journal entries to digital image and video processing.

Emergency Power

Ann Tests an iPower™

Generator in South Africa

Prior to Departing for

Antarctica Continuum Control Corporation’s iPower™ Generator, the official emergency power system for the Expedition, is a unique, state-of-the-art power source for a variety of portable electronic devices. Employing Continuum’s patented piezoelectric technology, this hand-held device transforms mechanical energy, which is generated by turning a handle on the device, into electrical energy to provide power to the two-way radios that Ann and Liv used to maintain communications with each other. The Generator provides the advantage of guaranteeing power for a portable electronic device in any location, since power from the user is all that’s required to produce energy. Thus it’s the perfect solution for providing energy to any hand-held electronic device, including cell phones, GPS units and radios.