Born: October 4th, 1977

Tucumán, Argentina


“I am a militant for human rights, supporting the globally renowned Memory, Truth & Justice Argentine transitional justice process.”

Ana María has helped create audiovisual tools which explain the “whys” of every new technique shared with rural communities (e.g. farming techniques, solar energy, etc) through CDESCO—a nonprofit foundation that promotes development in rural areas. A specific audiovisual course, tailored made for each problem, is given to small groups, with strong practical training, in their own environment. Thus, the overall educational process respects each groups pace, languages, cultural codes and previous knowledge.

As the founder of O-IRSE, she uses plays to support the struggle of imprisoned women for their rights. She then brings her documentary filmmaking skills to develop audiovisual tools used in the realization of various educational, informational and documentary audiovisual programs for many popular organizations.
She currently plays volleyball for Avellaneda Central, a neighborhood club.


  • 2017 Community Media Management Technician (in progress)
    National University of Quilmes.
  • 2008 PLSD Project Manager
    Participatory Local Social Development (PLSD): Project Planning and Management Course, Nikon Fukushi University, JICA Chubu International Centre, Nagoya. Japan.
  • 2007 Multimedia Instructional Designer
    Theory and Practice on Public Enlightment Using Multimedia Course.
    Media Technology For Education And Communication (MTEC). JICA Okinawa International Center, Okinawa, Japan.
  • 2000 Computer Technician.
    Herman Hollerith Institute. Tucumán, Argentina.