Kim SmithKim Smith: The Community Leader

Born: 1985

Cape Town, South Africa

The Start:

Kim grew up in Bishop Lavis, a predominantly black community on the Cape Flats in South Africa. Growing up, Kim was strongly influenced by her grandmother who was an active member of her community.  As a result Kim spent much of her youth in soup kitchens, hospitals and old age homes.  Through these experiences, Kim developed a keen sense of social issues and a desire to make a difference in the world.Kim with a child


  • Bachelor of Arts degree in social sciences at the University of Western Cape.
  • Bachelor of Commerce degree in Industrial Psychology (Honors).
  • Currently pursuing a Masters in Developmental Studies.


“The ideas and views of friends from all over the world further ignited my passion for wanting to be an instrument of change.”

  • As an undergraduate, Kim participated in community projects through the Golden Key International Society, an honorary society for academic achievers. With her inspiring commitment to playing a role in her country’s changing environment, Kim eventually became president of her chapter. The organization’s outreach projects led Kim to the United states as her university’s representative. During her travels, she “realized the importance and power of dialogue and interaction with people from different backgrounds.”
  • In 2007 Kim was awarded the Abe Bailey Travel Bursary and joined sixteen other students on a three-week trip to the United Kingdom to deliberate on South African issues. Kim returned to South Africa knowing, emphatically, that the country’s change and transformation were things in which she wanted to be instrumental. She wanted to make a difference.
  • Recently, Kim has developed an educational approach that challenges her community’s taboos and stigmas surrounding women’s menstruation.