Thor Heyerdahl – An Inspirator and Environmentalist

In 2014 is it 100 years since one of Ann and Liv´s great inspirators – Thor Heyerdahl was born. Heyerdahl is most know for his Kon-Tiki expedition in 1947. For Ann and Liv is it his following expeditions Ra I, Ra II and Tigris that has inspired them to combine expeditions with education. With the Ra-expeditions Heyerdahl discovered that the oceans were polluted with clumps of oil and reported to UN that took action. Surrounded by military airplanes and warships he put his ship Tigris on fire as a protest against inhuman elements in the the World of 1978. The letter he wrote to UN General Secretary Kurt Waldheim could be written today.

Thor Heyerdahl continued to speak up for our nature and on his expeditions Heyerdahl selected teams representing a great diversity in race, nationality, religion and political viewpoint in order to demonstrate that at least on their own little floating island, people could cooperate and live peacefully.

The Access Water Project is inspired by Thor Heyerdahl´s expeditions and his continously work for speak up for the oceans. He said that all kind of pollution will sooner or later end in the ocean.

Liv opened the Thor Heyerdahl Year with a lecture at The Caledonian University in Scotland.

“Boundaries? I have never seen one, but I hear they exist in the minds of most people.”

-Thor Heyerdahl

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Ann & Liv meeting with Thor Heyerdahl before the 2000 crossing of Antarctica.

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