Stuck in the Muck!

Kim has definitely left her comfort zone since she caught up with the team. We traveled a shallow part of the Ganga last week, walking through thick mud in some areas. Here’s a video of Kim’s experience!

Some adventurous expeditioners taking a dip in the Ganga!

The Ganga is flowing freely again, the tin fishing boats of the beginning of our journey grew to wooden ferries and now we travel alongside large barges. Hot, hazy weather drove Lisa, Kim and the ever-adventurous Krushnaa to take a cooling plunge into the Ganga!

Water is incredibly abundant in this region. Large and small water pumps dot the fields, but displace the soil and cause the silt to erode. The lack of water poverty in our current location has not prevented a new slew of water-related issues.

The Ganga is essential to so many lives; the further we journey the more firmly we understand that these issues must be confronted now. If not, we risk the stability of entire communities, thousands of families. It’s time for the global community to take a stand and begin addressing these problems in a conscious way.

One community we visited is taking matters into their own hands. To improve the river water’s quality, they are increasing the availability of toilets by opening their homes to each other and even to strangers. Ann found their vision incredibly inspiring and we documented the visit in this video:

With every day we become more grateful for the fresh water in our respective homes. We’re pushing cravings for warm showers and our national cuisines to the backs of our minds to enjoy our final days in India together. Only one week left!

Team Photo!

We finally took a very glamorous and official team photo for our postcards, check it out!

(Left to Right: Marcia, Jiaojiao, Liv, Ann, Lisa, Kim, Ulfat and Krushnaa)