Welcome to our new website

We have now relaunched the home of Bancroft Arnesen Explore with a new website, new logo and a new expedition.

If you had not noticed, things have changed a bit. A number of pages are still work in progress – come back frequently as more content about our activities and the coming expedition becomes available. Essential information about the 2011 expedition “In the footsteps of Amundsen, in the spirit of Nansen” is available immediately by accessing the 2011 Expedition link.

Our aim with this new site is to focus on the expedition team’s activities through blog entries, live news, picture galleries and videos. The site also incorporates social media features such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. As this is just the start, more features are to come, including greater user interaction.

Many thanks to the team at Creuna, who has put volunteer time and creativity into developing the YourExpedition Blog’s visual identity.

Warm regards,

Ann Bancroft & Liv Arnesen / Bancroft Arnesen Explore

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