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Press Release

Bancroft Arnesen Explore Launches Access Water
Expedition Series with Ganges River in 2014

MINNEAPOLIS – June 23, 2014 – Known around the world for their work in education and exploration, Bancroft Arnesen Explore (BAE) announced today the launch of a seven-continent, multi-year expedition series that will begin in October 2014. The first 60-day expedition will take place along the Ganges River in India where the eight women from six continents will trek over 1,500 miles along one of the most polluted water ways in the world to raise awareness, incite advocacy and ignite action for the global water crisis.

The expedition series, titled Access Water, will lead a conversation with millions of youth around the world to inspire the future leaders of the world to demand safe and abundant world, starting with access to clean water. After the 2014 Ganges expedition, the team plans to visit each continent every few years, ending the Access Water series with a journey to Antarctica.

“We chose the Ganges River to begin the Access Water series because the area represents a great example of both water crisis and a deep-rooted dependence on water to human existence,” explains Ann Bancroft, educator, explorer and team leader. “There is a critical need to educate students about the water crisis that not only affects overpopulated areas like India, but to connect the same problems to their own backyard.”

One in eight people lack access to clean water and more people die from lack of clean water and sanitation each year than are killed by all forms of violence, including war. In 2007, the Ganges was one of the top 5 most polluted waterways in the world and represents a unique and vital aspect to millions of peoples’ everyday lives.

With education being the foundation for the team’s work, they will work with essential partner organizations like P&G, SAGE Foundation, Tunheim, WAGGGS, UNESCO and Young Pioneers of China, to explore the river to find how organizations are working to demand cleaner water and inspiring others to do the same. The team hopes to show how the water and environmental issues along the Ganges River are similar to other places around the world and innovative solutions are vital to the future of this planet.

“We’re a group of female leaders, with a shared vision to create a better tomorrow by inspiring the future leaders to demand safe, clean water for everyone,” says Liv Arnesen, explorer, educator and team leader. “Whether you want to be an engineer, work on a farm or become a doctor, water touches each and every person’s life work and there’s a way to help make instrumental changes in the way we operate to create a better world in which we live, and that’s what the Access Water series hopes to accomplish.”

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